December 3, 2011

Profiles in Awesomeness: Charles Burbridge

Ok, so Charles is awesome because he's like your dad if your dad were totally gay. When you google Charles Burbridge, the second auto-fill suggestion is Charles Burbridge bear. He's like the guy I saw on the Damen bus once who reminded me of my dad and his cellphone ringtone was Lady Gaga's "Boys Boys Boys." 

According to the HGTV website:
Los Angeles native Charles Burbridge left his growing decorative painting and interiors business to join the HGTV family. Though this is his first foray into broadcast television, Charles has been a working actor for the past decade and is a founding member of the popular Bay Area improvisational sketch comedy troupe Big Boned Theatre. Dividing his time between his numerous creative pursuits has always been a challenge, but at last he has found the perfect blending of his many interests and artistic abilities as a part of the Design on a Dime team.
Charles' awesomeness overcomes both his decorative painting and improv backgrounds. I'd estimate that I hate 99% of all decorative painters - like Frank on Trading Spaces - and 99% of all improv comedians, but apparently the combination of the two creates telegenic magic.

According to his facebook profile - I'm seriously considering asking him to be my friend - he was on about 130 episodes of Design on a Dime from 2001-2006. Charles is in the episodes hosted by Sam Kivett and Lee Snijders, which is really unfortunate because both of those people suck. Sam Kivett was just dull and monotone and wore obnoxious glasses, but Lee Snijders was a douche nozzle who thought he was super rad. If the client gave even the slightest hint that they might be into it, he would go for the rat pack, tiki bar, 1960's Vegas bullshit, about 8 years after that trend died. That shit's just gross. Additionally, after googling Charles Burbridge bear - I had to do it - I found out that Lee used his money from Design on a Dime to make girl-on-girl porns.

Charles is like your dad if your dad were gay and made things like:

tea light lanterns (look at how happy he is with his finished product),

I'm not entirely sure what Charles is up to these days. Facebook says he will graduate from the School of Hard Knocks in 2012, but I don't think that school is even accredited. Facebook also tells me that Charles is into David Sedaris, Oscar Wilde, Johnny Weir, True Blood, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. So, like your dad if your dad were totally gay.

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