April 29, 2012

Exploring the 2012 Green Home

Since 2008, HGTV has held an annual Green Home giveaway. This year's home is located in the suburbs of the terribly urban planned city of Atlanta. Let's take a look!

But first, a word from their sponsors:

I find it really ironic that one of the sponsors of the green home is bottled water


you know what's even better for the environment than a fuel efficient car? Not driving.

Anyway, they really should have called this year's house the 2012 Terrible Light Fixtures Home:

The last one is especially bad. It looks something Dr. Dre would have in his private office at the Oakland California Love compound in dystopian 2095.

Just because someone is into helping the environment doesn't mean they only like earth tones.

That's the view they don't want to distract from? Some stairs and mulch and bushes? Let's get some color in here.

Finally! There's still brown, but at least there's a good amount of blue.

And chevron stripes!

More chevron stripes! Although these are kind of ikat-y.

And more color! I do have to question some of the art choices in this home, though.

This dog looks mentally challenged.

To quote Tom Haverford, this looks like something a death row convict would make in art therapy.

I can only assume that the designer is a Portlandia fan.

Because he or she put a bird on it.

The second floor of the house has a craft room.

I wish my apartment came with a pre-stocked craft room. I do, however, have a 12-pack of Mr. Sketch scented markers, the gateway marker, which I do not see in this room.

I also wish my apartment had even one set of washers and dryers. But I've never understood putting washers and dryers anywhere but the basement. What if it floods? Then an actual nice part of your home has flooded instead of just a crappy basement.

One thing I do not currently have in my apartment and don't want:

Jane Austen books. Uggggh.

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